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Primary Product

AbBu Therapy - A novel drug to prolong life after injury & blood loss

Future Users

Military Medics, Ambulances, Hospitals, Surgeons, Strategic Stockpiles

Stage & Sector

Early-Stage Biotech w/ Proof of Concept in Small Animal Studies

Our Focus

Lead Optimization of AbBu Therapy, an antibody designed to neutralize the Shock Toxin

About Us

Shock Biotech was founded by trauma surgeon Dr. Donald S. Gann to advance a discovery made in his lab for a new hemorrhagic shock treatment called AbBu Therapy.


Shock Biotech was founded with proof of concept data and a mission to advance AbBu Therapy to patients.

What is Shock?

The Definition

Our body’s stress response to blood loss (hemorrhage).

The Causes

Car Crashes, Gun Shot Wounds, Burns, & Military Casualties.

The Symptoms

Low blood pressure & high potassium; commonly fatal.

The Impact

Injury is the #1 Cause of Death People Ages 1 - 44 in the United States

The Future

We Believe in a Better Future for Patients in Shock

Shock Therapeutics Biotech Believes in a Future Where...

You are administered AbBu Therapy at the scene of injury to allow for more time to get to a hospital before shock kills you.

AbBu Therapy keeps you alive long enough for trauma surgeons to stop the bleeding and repair your injuries.

You can survive shock, giving you the opportunity to recover from an otherwise fatal injury & return home to your family.

The Market

Circulatory Shock is a Global Problem

Hemorrhagic Shock



People Killed Globally by Trauma Associated with Injury & Violence

World Health Organization

Septic Shock



People Killed Globally by Viral & Bacterial Infections Turned Septic

Rudd et al 2020

Cardiogenic Shock



People Killed Globally by Cardiac Insults Including Heart Attacks and Strokes

World Health Organization

World Health Organization

The Team

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Founder in Memoriam

Dr. Gann was a pioneer and leader in trauma care and biomedical engineering, serving as the first Director of Emergency Medicine at Johns Hopkins and the first Chair of Biomedical Engineering at Case Western Reserve. A polymath with a background in physics, philosophy, and medicine, Dr. Gann's research was continuously funded by the NIH to study the body's response to hemorrhage.

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Donald S.
Gann MD

Gann Hibbs

Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Vision

Investor Relations

Corporate Operations

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Lewis C.
Hibbs III

Chief Operating Officer

R&D Operations

Antibody Engineering

Research & Writing

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Les E.

Chief Technology Officer

Global Drug Development

Regulatory Lead

Quality & Risk Management

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The Story

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Learn more about this discovery from our founder Dr. Gann

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