The True Cause of Hemorrhagic Shock

Shock is most commonly seen after:

Vehicle Crashes 
Gunshot Wounds
Combat Casualties
Surgical Bleeding
Maternal Hemorrhage
Mass Casualty Events
Natural Disasters

If not quickly treated, patients go into shock

Blood Pressure Instability
Hypovolemic Shock is caused by insufficient fluid (blood) volume 
Fluid Imbalance

It has been known that the Sodium Pump is inhibited, but no one knew why...

General knowledge about the Sodium Pump:
  • On every cell in every living thing
  • Critical to all cellular life
  • Responsible for:
    • Cellular signaling
    • Regulating cell volume
    • Maintaining membrane potential
ATPase Enzyme

Our founders believe they identified the cause! 

It turns out a "shock toxin" released naturally after an injury that inhibits the sodium pump - causing shock and its symptoms.

We then tested an antibody to this target, and found it could reverse shock when the animal had less than 5 minutes to live, stabilizing blood pressure and extending their life the full 4 hours of the study.

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