Les Johnson


  • Les Johnson is a consultant with over 35 years of experience and expertise in Global CMC, Quality Systems, Product Development, Process Development, Project Management and Executive Management. He is CEO of his own consulting firm, Optimum Development Technologies, Inc (ODT).

  • Les has been working with STBI for over a year and has recently, as of January 1st, 2020, agree to the role of Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of STBI where he is leading the development of this revolutionary hemorrhagic shock treatment.

  • As CTO, Les will be working directly with the STBI Management Team to develop and complete all task associated with Product Development, Process Development, Analytical Development, CMC/Regulatory, Budgeting, Contracting and Logistics. Les will also assume the role of Head of Quality for STBI and as such will design and manage an appropriate Quality Management System for STBI, to ensure our compliance and best quality practices.

  • ODT has a strong history of developing the best possible products and driving projects to scientific and commercial success, worldwide. ODT is dedicated to reducing risks, avoiding quality and regulatory upsets and creating real value through every well-planned task performed.

  • Les has direct experience in developing, manufacturing, testing and licensing therapeutic antibodies and other related products. He has an excellent understanding of the general specifications and key quality attributes required for such products, as well as a working knowledge of the specific and challenging requirements of our product(s).

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