Lewis Hibbs

Lewis Hibbs has been working with Shock Therapeutics Biotech where he has focused on compiling our commercialization and business plans. He currently serves as Chief Operating Officer where he focuses on project management and business strategy.

  • ​Lewis is responsible for leading corporate project management, business & industry analysis / strategy development, designing & leading partnership strategies, assisting in fundraising efforts, and lead marketing, IT, and operational/ corporate systems and whatever else is necessary.

  • Prior to being COO, Lewis spent his first period at STBI working on strategy development and project planning work initially in an unnamed role, later transitioning to Vice President – Project Management where he was responsible for full cycle project management including schedule, communication, procurement, scope, cost, resource, risk, and stakeholder management.

  • Lewis has past experience providing logistical, operational, and administrative support to programs and projects as part of a local business’s management team. In this role, he was also in charge of over 100 staff members, and directly led two lower management teams

  • Having seen too many people close to him suffer from shock without a way for them to be treated, Lewis has committed his time and energy to bringing this novel hemorrhagic shock treatment to market and revolutionizing critical care treatment with this discovery made by his grandfather, Dr. Donald Gann.

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