Susan Hibbs

Susan has been working to advance this discovery since the companies founding and has since stepped into the role of CEO where she is focused on creating our business vision, corporate organization and leading our team to advance this discovery.

Susan LI Headshot.jpg
  • Susan Hibbs has been working with Shock Therapeutics Biotech for four years as Operations Manager to help collect and organize data and information.

  • Susan has assisted in leading the Company as it has organized as a corporation and in creating the mission statement and all the initial Company documents, most recently as Vice President -- Operations.

  • She has helped to assemble the leadership team.

  • Susan has worked to create the operating budget.

  • Since January 2019, she has taken over full operational management, including, but not limited to, corporate, legal, financial, marketing, and administrative management.

  • Since November 2019, Susan has been serving as CEO.​

  • Susan is passionate about seeing this discovery made by her father be able to revolutionize hemorrhagic shock treatment.

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